A sore or stiff elbow can have a number of causes. Nerve entrapment is also commonly seen. Mr Wykes will carefully assess your limb to diagnose the problem and plan your treatment.

Tennis and Golfer's elbow

Pain over the outside of the elbow, especially on gripping, is common. It is often due to overuse with degeneration (wear and tear) in the tendons that attach there.  It is known as lateral epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow. Golfer's Elbow is less common, and is seen on the inside of the elbow. Early assessment and treatment gives the best outcomes. If it persists, then specialist PRP injections can be used or even surgery.


Ulnar nerve problems

This is a common problem, with pain, tingling and numbness along the little finger side of the hand. It often feels like the patient has “banged their funny bone”. It is usually due to the ulnar nerve being trapped behind the inside of the elbow. Nerve conduction tests may be helpful. Mr Wykes will arrange these. Non –operative treatment can help in less severe cases. If it is advanced, then surgery (usually under local anaesthetic)

is often recommended.


Like other joints, wear-and –tear arthritis is seen in the elbow. It is less common. Usually, non–surgical treatment is the first line approach. If the patient has symptoms of ‘locking’ or significant pain and stiffness, then surgery (open or keyhole) may be appropriate. Elbow replacement is a final option.

Fractures and trauma

Elbow injuries can involve fractures, dislocations or tendon ruptures. Mr. Wykes has experience in early assessment and treatment of these injuries. His aim is to assess the damaged structures, and devise an individual treatment plan. This will allow safe, early rehabilitation and avoiding stiffness and other complications.