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We all rely on our hands in daily life.

Any condtion causing hand or wrist symptoms can be very troublesome. Careful examination and investigation are the keys to diagnosing the problem. Mr Wykes can then discuss a treatment plan to return you to full activity.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Thumb –sided pins and needles are very common. They are often worse at night. Milder cases usually can be managed with splinting and physiotherapy. If more severe, steroid injections or surgery will become part of the treatment options. These are done under local anaesthetic, with excellent results.

Trigger finger

This is often seen with ‘catching’ or ‘sticking’ of the finger or thumb. It tends to be worse in the morning. Steroid injection is the usual treatment. If this is unsuccessful, a minor procedure (under local anaesthetic) is the standard way to help.

Dupuytren’s Contracture

In this condition, patients notice their fingers gradually bending over, with thickened tissue called cords under the skin. It often runs in families. It can causes problems because of the finger cannot straighten e.g. putting on glove, washing face, shaking hands. Treatment can be surgical to remove the thickened cords and straighten the finger. There is usually splinting and physiotherapy as part of the recovery process. A more recent treatment is the use of injections to dissolve the thickened tissue. This is called Xiapex©.

Xiapex – injections for Dupuytren’s

Mr Wykes and his team at the Beaumont have significant experience in performing this treatment. It has advantages over traditional surgery and recovery is typically quicker. However, not all patients are suitable for it. Mr Wykes will advise you on the options.


Wear-and-Tear arthritis is often seen in the wrist. It is especially common around the base of the thumb. X-rays are usually necessary to confirm the exact problem. Treatment can be non-surgical with splints, pain relief medication and steroid injections (usually using X-ray control). Surgery is also an option. Mr Wykes will be able to advise the best course of action with you.

Fractures and trauma

These need early assessment to begin treatment, often with

X-rays and/or scans. Treatment can be surgical or non-surgical. Mr Wykes aims to allow early rehabilitation of the injured hand and wrist, to minimise stiffness and restore function.

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